Best Quality Rock Drilling Tools

EzyDrill is a part of a drilling tools manufacturing group that supplies tools to mining, construction, water well and oil and gas industries. Our global product range includes diamond bit coring and non coring, DTH hammer, DTH buttons bit, RC drilling hammer and bits, shank adapters, extension rods and top hammer bits.

In a world of massive industrialisation and automation, few items are still made by hand carefully one by one. I wish every worker to be proud of his daily output, it can be meters of core in a box, a black-smith finishing a Damascus blade or a batch of reddish diamond bit cooling down.

All those are the results of effort, experience, good technical background and know-how. Day to day on the shop floor, we are talking about “cooking”. Shall I explain the link between two disciplines, metallurgy and cuisine, which appear so far from each other ?

YES ! Both require a neat working place with right temperature and humidity control for production as well as for storage, both require the best ingredients or so called raw material with strict traceability, both require the secret recipe and proper equipment.

For finishing, a master-chef is nobody without his motivated and efficient brigade. Welcome to EzyDrill, a team of passionate engineers dedicated to manufacture perfect diamond tools, bit by bit….